Solid Windows and Doors has been working for the residential market serving the home
remodeling needs of the GTA specializing
You Tell Us Your Vision. Start building your dream house now.


A great selection of beautiful high-performance windows that fit the style of your home and your budget.


Make a statement with our solid doors. Vast choice of 100% handcrafted art piece for your home.

Cut Outs

Whatever your dream is – we can do the magic. Explore endless possibilities with our professional craftmanship to create additional openings in your walls.

More natural light

  • High-performance windows block 99,9% of the sun’s UV rays for smarter protection.
  • Our windows are built on 4.5 -inch window profile (width of the frame), compared to a 3.25” profile, most common in the industry. 

What it means for you: more chambers inside the frame, more glass = better lighting.

Better protection

  • All the window styles can be provided with ultimate triple glass in overall thickness of 1’ 3/8” and argon, krypton, or a combination of two gasses between the panes for better insulation from cold or hot air. 
  • Energy-efficient windows are placed on a warm edge spacer bar inside the frame to block passages of the air through the window with a Super Spacer unit helping to absorb heat flow, noise and prevents molding.
  • Stronger glass aids in protecting from breaks during storms or break-ins.

What it means for you: feeling comfortable and safe in your home.

High efficiency rated by Energy Start ®

  • We use ClimaGuard 80/70 Low-E coated glass that is professionally formulated for residential homes in Canadian colder weather to capture and retain most of the solar heat. 
  • Energy-efficient windows exclusively manufactured with the help of science and technology in response to the northern climate.

What it means for you: lower cost of utilities, more money in your wallet.

Custom made windows

  • Our team of experts can create an opening for your window and install any type of window you envision in your mind. We offer windows built-in custom styles, sizes, and exterior colors, including sliding tilt, double-hung, bay windows, and more.
  • New windows create better indoor air quality, protect from outside allergens, noise, increase the value of your home and provide comfort for you and your family.

What it means for you: feeling happy in a home you desired.

Our Process


Book a Free conslutation

Convenient on-site or virtual consultation with one of our professionals. NO cost, NO obligation


Discuss Project Details

We will carefully discuss the aspects of your project and answer your questions. After selecting the right design and confirming product selection you will receive an accurate quote


Product Installation

We will monitor and control every step of your order progress to ensure no details are missed and the seamless installation fully meets your acceptance criteria.


After your project is done

Our support does not stop at the end of your project. We are available 24/7 to warranty the quality of our work

We are unique. So are our customers.

Not one of our projects is identical, the all require high level of customization to meet your exceptional requirements. Whether your goal is to preserve the legacy of your heritage home or modernise the look and feel of your urban living we are here to help.

We are the experts you were looking for.

It’s a not a secret we all searching for professionals in all areas of our life. With the help of modern technology, we have a lot of options to choose from but it often turns into a full-time job just to find the best option. When it comes to remodeling doors and windows it goes way beyond the simple installations. We are true professionals with years of experience ready to provide excellent service through all steps of the process. With nearly two decades of experience, we’re one of the most reliable companies in the area and have completed hundreds of successful installations.

We strive for customer service.

Our core values are exceptional customer service and excellence. We have an effective and proven process of communication with our customers to understand the project needs, acceptance criteria and getting project done on schedule. From the moment you first contact us to our after-service follow-up we can ensure our full dedication and commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the latest technology and innovative approach to improving the style and appearance of your home.

Our Vision

We want to be a one-stop-shop to help you create a dream home by providing high-quality products with unparalleled service.

Customer Satisfaction

Our 100% guaranteed satisfaction We work until you are completely happy with the results


Premium value for our customer created by the top of the line products and outstanding service

Competitive Pricing

Affordability without compromising the quality Our prices are carefully calculated and cover more than just window installation


We operate with a focus beyond tomorrow and take opportunities to incorporate the latest technological advancements

Guaranteed For Peace Of Mind

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer some of the longest guarantees in the industry; In fact, we are the only major home improvement company in the market to offer lifetime warranty.

In order for us and our children to enjoy their lifetime  we work hard to make a positive impact on the environment and support what we need the most as humans – fresh air. Join plant a tree initiative and help us to create a better future for all of us.